Sex Machines: Why you need one in your life.

Let’s talk about sex machines. Maybe you’ve heard about them and are curious, or maybe they’re a completely foreign topic. Either way, you NEED to know that these marvelous inventions exist.

Jaxx Hammer 2.0 L Multifunction Rechargeable Sex MachineWhat are sex machines?

Sex machines are sometimes also called fuck machines. Because they do exactly that. They bring you to orgasm either by one or a combination of sensual functions, including stroking, vibrating, thrusting, or stimulation of different body types (depending on what kind of machine it is). They are usually larger than a normal sex toy; some sex machines are mains powered, some are battery operated.

Are sex machines made for men or women?

Most sex machines will either come with, or have the ability to interchange with a number of parts, so that you can completely customize your sexual experience and live out all your kinky fantasies. Most sex machines can be used by both men and women, since you can remove and replace the attachment points with different types of toys.

What are the benefits of sex machines?

Why would you bother with sex machines when you could just use your hand or sex with a partner? Read on, there are good reasons!

Sex machines let you get to know yourself. In a sexual sense. Masturbation is not only a healthy habit, it lets you discover what you do and don’t like. Sex machines allow you experiment with a lot more than you could do with your hands or with a conventional toy, opening up a whole new world of pleasure!

Sex machines provide control and convenience. Feeling horny? Like, right now? Awesome. Power up your machine and off you go! And whilst there’s no substitute for human physical contact, sex machines are an excellent, lifelike choice for getting the job done when you just need to get off without all the other stuff in between. You are totally in control of the speed, thrust, and vibrations, so you can have your sexual experience any way you like.

What can sex machines do that handheld toys can’t?

Sex machines are something special because they make your intimate experience more lifelike. For example, when you use a vibrator to masturbate, you are the one doing the thrusting. Sex machines do this work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and fully enjoy the experience. What’s better, most sex machines have incredibly long (or even unlimited) play time, giving you the option of endless stamina and limitless pleasure, anytime you need it.

What sex machines do you stock at Pleasure Me?

We stock a couple of sex machines at Pleasure Me. The Jaxx Hammer 2.0, which is suitable for both men and women, and the Spin Master Rotating Masturbator, which is designed especially for men.

Jaxx Hammer 2.0

Designed for self-love or fun with a partner, the Jaxx Hammer 2.0 will take you on some serious adventures. This rechargeable sex machine now has not one, but two new rhythmic settings (so you can find just the perfect groove) and four vibration intensities, so you can experiment with different levels of pleasure. Three thrilling thrusting speeds means that you can get the pounding you desire, no matter how hard you like it. The swiveling suction cup base allows you to mount the machine, or it can be detached and used as a handheld device. Unlike some other sex machines, the Jaxx Hammer 2.0 is cordless, providing versatility and the potential for an unlimited number of applications. It also features a boost button, for those times when you feel that you just want a little more power. For couples or solo play in the dark, you can turn on the optional lights and then watch them disappear inside of you. The life-like dildo is phthalate-free and so realistically shaped, even including veins for enhanced pleasure sensations. We’ve had excellent feedback on this one, so we have no doubt you’ll love it too.

Spin Master L 10X Rotating Masturbator

The Spin Master is the ultimate masturbator when it comes to sex machines for men. It features a deliciously textured swirling sleeve that delivers incredible pleasure with minimal effort required from you. It’s got 10 different rotation modes and high-powered vibrations, so you can play around with it and find the combination that makes you cum like a Boss. The Spin Master is super easy to clean and maintain. We’re confident that you’ll love it.

Are there any downsides to sex machines?

Given that they’re higher-powered than regular sex toys, sex machines tend to be quite a bit larger, making them less discreet in the home. After all, it makes sense that larger objects are harder to hide! The cost to purchase a sex machine is generally also more than a conventional sex toy…but they’re worth it (as many, many ultra-satisfied sex machine owners will tell you!).