Everyone wants a black dildo…

The black dildo: it’s one of our most commonly searched-for items. It seems like everyone wants one. But what’s so special about a black dildo? In a world where you could buy a rubber dildo, a wooden dildo, a purple or a red one even, why are so many looking for a black dildo? We […]

Sex Dolls for Men

What are sex dolls for men? Sex dolls for men are masturbation tools that are created to look like real human beings. They are designed to provide the user with solo sexual pleasure that has a realistic feel and touch. For a lot of people, sex dolls for men can be a great way to […]

The Masturbator for Men

The masturbator for men When it comes to sexual pleasure, there seems to be a lot of unfair social pressures around gender. Ongoing developments in sex toys have completely changed the way that people with vulvas, clitorises and vaginas experience sexual pleasure…but what about for people with penises? That’s where this blog begins: the masturbator […]

Sex Toys for Men: A Quick Guide

Sex toys for Men: What’s out there? In the wide world of sex toys, there’s something for every body, no matter what sex you identify as, no matter what you’re into. In today’s blog, we give you the rundown on sex toys for men: the stuff that’s been specifically designed for use with penis, and […]

Your #1 Online Sex Toy Shop – Pleasure Me

At Pleasure Me, you could say that we’re “intimately familiar” with sex toys, making us a leading online sex toy shop. We’ve been around for a while, so not only do we know our adult products, but we offer our customers a huge range of sexy items, at competitive prices. Our sex toy shop range […]

The Wild World of BDSM Sex Toys

BDSM sex toys: exploring a wilder side If you’re ready to try something a little different in the bedroom, why not check out our range of BDSM sex toys? At Pleasure Me, we keep a variety of different BDSM sex toys and lots of extra kinky bits and pieces that are sure to bring out […]

6 Hot Ways to Use a Cock Ring

A cock ring is exactly what it sounds like it is: a sex toy- usually made from silicone, rubber, leather or metal- that is worn around the base of the penis and sometimes around the testicles, too. Its job is to help the wearer to achieve and maintain harder, stronger and longer-lasting erections. Oh yeah! […]

Nipple Toys: TLC for your nips!

Nipples are a seriously underrated part of the body; getting a hold of some nipple toys is a surefire way to get excited about this amazing erogenous zone!   Get your hands on some nipple toys… You might not know that each nipple has around 2000 nerve endings- how amazing is that? This makes them […]

Ben Wa Balls – For more than just the pelvic floor!

Ben wa balls have been used for centuries to help women strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. But they do so much more than just get your pelvic floor into shape! More recently, ben wa balls have become more well known for their ability to enhance sexual pleasure. You might even hear then called […]