Take a walk on the wild side with BDSM toys from Pleasure Me… Ready to try BDSM toys? We reckon that every now and again it’s nice to try something new, and if you’re ready to experiment with something a bit more risqué in the bedroom, BDSM toys can be a great place to start. […]

Online Sex Shop

Pleasure Me is an online sex shop with something for everyone. Our many years in the adult industry have made us “intimately familiar” with the world of sex products and equipped us with knowledge and experience to be able to provide each and every customer with amazing, discreet, personalized service. We are a leading online […]

Sex Toys Online

I suppose you could say that we know all the “ins and outs” of sex toys here at Pleasure Me, which is why we are one of the leading stores for sex toys online. We’ve been in the business of adult sex products for a while now, so not only do we really know our […]

How to use a hands free masturbator

Alright, so you’ve gone ahead and bought a hands free masturbator… Good for you! Your hands free masturbator is going to open you up to a whole lot of new spine tingling sensations and add a new dimension to your solo play time. Endless orgasms are available to you now, at any time you please, […]

Everyone wants a black dildo…

The black dildo: it’s one of our most commonly searched-for items. It seems like everyone wants one. But what’s so special about a black dildo? In a world where you could buy a rubber dildo, a wooden dildo, a purple or a red one even, why are so many looking for a black dildo? We […]

Sex Dolls for Men

What are sex dolls for men? Sex dolls for men are masturbation tools that are created to look like real human beings. They are designed to provide the user with solo sexual pleasure that has a realistic feel and touch. For a lot of people, sex dolls for men can be a great way to […]

The Masturbator for Men

The masturbator for men When it comes to sexual pleasure, there seems to be a lot of unfair social pressures around gender. Ongoing developments in sex toys have completely changed the way that people with vulvas, clitorises and vaginas experience sexual pleasure…but what about for people with penises? That’s where this blog begins: the masturbator […]

Sex Toys for Men: A Quick Guide

Sex toys for Men: What’s out there? In the wide world of sex toys, there’s something for every body, no matter what sex you identify as, no matter what you’re into. In today’s blog, we give you the rundown on sex toys for men: the stuff that’s been specifically designed for use with penis, and […]