Rechargeable Vibrator

6 Places I’ve used my rechargeable vibrator (other than the bedroom!) Investing in a rechargeable vibrator has been the best idea I’ve had to date. It’s given me some amazing orgasms, particularly in places where you might not expect! In this blog, I’m going to share with you my hottest tips and ideas for where […]

Male Sex Toys

The Best Male Sex Toys – Mush-Have Items for Your Toybox Male sex toys are so underrated! Often when someone talks about sex toys, we’re quick to think about vibrators, dildos and clit stimulators, but there’s a whole other world in male sex toys that is amazing, exciting, and completely underrated! So we’ve compiled a […]

Prostate Massager

A Quick Guide to the Best Prostate Massager Products In recent years, prostate health and pleasure have been getting lots of attention. One of the most innovative products to come about enhancing this experience is the prostate massager, and at Pleasure Me, we stock a variety of prostate massager products to suit your preferences. Designed […]

Sex Toys for Women

Sex Toys for Women – A Quick Guide Here at Pleasure Me, we understand that shopping for sex toys (whether it be sex toys for women, sex toys for men, or couples toys) can be a bit daunting; there’s just so much out there. Anyone that has ever browsed in a store or on a […]

Realistic Sex Dolls

What are realistic sex dolls? Realistic sex dolls are a sex toy revolution! Realistic sex dolls are essentially masturbation toys that look like real human beings. They are designed to provide their user with sexual pleasure and realistic feel. Realistic sex dolls appeal to many people, as they offer a great way to experience physical […]

Best Male Masturbator

Why would someone want the best male masturbator? When it comes to sexual pleasure, we believe that there should be no gender bias. We realise that throughout the years, ongoing developments in the sex toy industry have completely changed the way that people with vulvas, clitorises and vaginas experience sexual pleasure…but what about people with […]

Adult Toys

Pleasure Me- Exciting Adult Toys Online Pleasure Me for Adult Toys Online Pleasure Me is your go-to online destination for all things related to adult toys. With years of experience in the adult toy and sex product industry, we’ve earned our reputation as one of the leading online stores for adult toys in Australia. Our […]


Take a walk on the wild side with BDSM toys from Pleasure Me… Ready to try BDSM toys? We reckon that every now and again it’s nice to try something new, and if you’re ready to experiment with something a bit more risqué in the bedroom, BDSM toys can be a great place to start. […]

Online Sex Shop

Pleasure Me is an online sex shop with something for everyone. Our many years in the adult industry have made us “intimately familiar” with the world of sex products and equipped us with knowledge and experience to be able to provide each and every customer with amazing, discreet, personalized service. We are a leading online […]