Best Male Masturbator

Why would someone want the best male masturbator?

When it comes to sexual pleasure, we believe that there should be no gender bias. We realise that throughout the years, ongoing developments in the sex toy industry have completely changed the way that people with vulvas, clitorises and vaginas experience sexual pleasure…but what about people with penises?

That’s why we’ve curated a collection of the best male masturbator toys for people with penises.

Pleasure Me stocks the best male masturbator toys.

If you’ve begun a search for the best male masturbator, you are likely to have come across the terms ‘masturbation sleeve’ or ‘fleshlight’. There are actually many more different types of sex toys that people with penises can use, however the male masturbators are some of the most popular.

Our range of the best male masturbator toys is available with fast shipping to Australian customers, allowing you experiment and explore your sexual pleasure. Having some fun and experimenting solo with masturbation toys allows you to experience new sensations and discover new things that turn you on.

Some of the best male masturbator toys are also great for sex with a partner, and can be used in foreplay or during sex to give each other new and varied experiences.

The best male masturbator toy range online.

At Pleasure Me, we stock a range of the best male masturbator toys available online. Each one of our items is made from high quality, realistic-feeling TPR. In our range of products, each one looks different from the outside, so you can choose what appeals to you in terms of aesthetics, but also there are differences in how they are crafted/how they feel on the inside too.

Our range of the best male masturbator toys features products with lots of different configurations of folds, nubs and creases. Teach one has a tight insertion entrance, adding to the realistic feel of the toy. Some of our best male masturbator products even have an internal g-spot feature, for the ultimate realistic sensation!

The outer surface of each toy is textured, for enhanced grip and control over the tightening.

Choosing and using the best male masturbator.

When you’re choosing from our range of the best male masturbator toys online, you’ll also want to add some toy-safe lube to your cart. You’ll need to use plenty of lube to enhance the sensation and your sexual pleasure when you’re playing with your masturbator.

Once you have finished using your toy, you need to make sure that you clean your toy really well, using warm, soapy water or an approved sex toy cleaning agent. Once you’ve washed your toys our, always allow them to dry thoroughly before you put them away. Keep them out of direct sunlight and heat to prolong their life.

The best male masturbator products available online at Pleasure Me.

Whilst we have a huge range of the best male masturbator toys available in our store, we understand that the decision of which to choose can be a bit overwhelming. If you need some advice, please feel free to contact us any time. Our staff are experienced and can offer discreet and personalized advice to our customers.