Sirs Sub Set 3 Piece Bondage Kit

Adult Bondage Toys

Adult bondage toys: a walk on the wild side

Get ready to take a walk on the wild side with our steamy selection of adult bondage toys! At Pleasure Me, we stock a wide variety of adult bondage toys and kinky bits and pieces to bring your devious desires to life.

What is bondage?

It doesn’t matter whether you call it S&M, B&D, BDSM or bondage, it all refers to the same salacious synopsis: sex with a dominant partner. Everyone practices bondage sex for different reasons.  Generally speaking, it is a great way for partners to unleash their most inner desires to demonstrate domineering power in the bedroom while the other plays the role of surrendering themselves to their partner’s control.

 What adult bondage toys do we need for bondage sex?

Bondage sex is all about creativity, power and pleasure. We have everything you need in terms of sexy outfits and adult bondage toys, to get you started. It really doesn’t have to be complicated to be unforgettable. All you’ve got to do is immobilize your plaything; don’t let them move too much. Get them into position so that their most sensitive parts are exposed and provide extreme pleasure while they struggle helplessly. We have a range of bondage rope, restraints and restraint kits, and handcuffs to help you trap your submissive lover and incarcerate them while you take control. Turn up the heat even more by placing a blindfold over their eyes, keeping them in vulnerable anticipation, not knowing what teasing, pleasing and tormenting is coming next.

What other adult bondage toys do you need? Well, that’s entirely up to you and your partner. At Pleasure Me, we have so many options you’re sure to find plenty of darkly salacious toys and devices to try with your defenseless lover. A pair of fluffy handcuffs is a great place to start for bondage beginners who are just beginning to experiment. For more experienced BDSM enthusiasts, the seductive combination of metal and leather in the form of a collar and clamp for inflicting tantalizing punishment for your naughty one.  If you want to get your partner into the perfect position for penetration, a bed restraint kit is what you need.


Bedroom Restraint Kit Pink

What about when we’re ready for more invasive adult bondage toys?

When you are ready, take it up a notch by then adding other adult bondage toys, such as butt plugs, gags, and harnesses. Trap your partner and overload with pleasure they can’t escape from, by adding dildos and vibrators to your scenes. Mouth spreaders can be used to pry open your partner’s mouth, making them vulnerable and leaving them open to whatever oral invasion your scheming mind can envisage.

How to make the most of your adult bondage toys:

In order to make the most of the adult bondage toys you’ve purchased, please remember to keep an open mind and communicate openly with your partner. Talk about your desires and fantasies and discuss your role-play scenarios. Bondage sex should always be practiced in a safe and thoughtful manner, being considerate of each other’s apprehensions. You might even like to take it in turns as to who plays the dominant and submissive roles. This type of power exchange can be extremely exhilarating!

Our promise to you, when buying adult bondage toys from Pleasure Me:

Our customers’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. When you purchase adult bondage toys from Pleasure Me, you can be confident that your order will be handled with the greatest discretion. All of our orders and packaged discreetly with no identifying markings on the package, so nobody will know what you’re up to. Of course, we also want all of our customers to have a fantastic shopping experience. It matters to us that you find the adult bondage toys and products that you’re looking for. With this in mind, our staff are available to answer all of your queries and questions, and provide you with individualized and discreet advice when you need it.


Sex Products

At Pleasure Me, we’re intimately familiar with sex products. Not only do we know our stuff, we offer a huge selection of adult sex products online, at the very best prices. Our range includes only the highest quality items on the market, so you can be confident that what you’re buying is nothing but the best.

What’s your pleasure? No matter what turns you on, we have sex products for every body. At Pleasure Me, you can find everything for a guaranteed good time, going solo or with a partner. From adult toys, body care, clothing and fetish items, we carry an extensive range of spicy sex products to add some excitement into your sex life.

At Pleasure Me, the sex products most popular with our customers are our adult toys. Our gigantic selection caters for every style of collector. Add to your sexy toy box a new plaything from our long list.

For the men, our range of sex products includes an arousing selection of cock and ball products, including cock rings, cock cages, ox balls, penis extenders and prostate toys. For the women, dildos, dongs and strap-ons and kegels. You’re only limited by your imagination!

We stock anal and butt plugs, electro sex products for an electrifying experience, pumps for penises, breasts and clitoris’, a range of different masturbators and realistic dolls. We also have a range of games for a raunchy night in, and a collection of kits, for lubricious satisfaction at a value price. If you’re looking to deck out your pad with some sex products, we have a number of sex furniture items and sex machines.

Of course, our range of sex products also includes the ever-popular and oh-so-fun vibrators. No matter what kind of vibration does it for you, we’ve got it. From sleek and sensual bullets, to excitingly discreet eggs, ergonomic and highly pleasurable rabbit vibrators to high-powered wands, you’ll find what you desire.

If you’re ready to indulge in a little self-care, our sex products range includes a variety of anal bleaches, lubricants, massage products, supplements, and feminine hygiene products. We stock a number of sex toy and sex products cleaners and hygiene products.

Pleasure Me keeps a tasteful range of ultra-sexy lingerie, juicy bodysuits and seductive hosiery for women. Our men’s range includes both everyday and novelty styles.

If fetish is what excites you, amongst our sex products we have everything you need for a completely titillating experience. Our variety includes a selection of BDSM items, sure to satisfy the insatiable appetite of thrill seekers. Pleasure Me stock all the paraphernalia you need to engage in erotic role play, including bondage rope, blindfolds and hooks. We have an impressive range of nipple play contraptions, ranging from clamps, to suckers, presses and composite devices.

We also keep stock of a number of different restraints, gags, collars, leashes and masks, perfect for treating yourself to some irresistibly devious fun!

In order to make the most of the sex products you’ve purchased, keep in mind our tips to embracing your best sexual self:

  1. Open the lines of communication with your partner. Share your ideas about what gives you sexual pleasure and encourage them to do so as well.
  2. Understand that your sexual thoughts and experiences are not unique; you’re not alone! Respect your feelings around sexuality. As long as your desires are safe, consensual and pleasurable, you should feel positive about them!
  3. Discover what you like and be open to trying new things. You just never know what you might find…
  4. Embrace your sexual preferences and needs and forget about labels!

We value our customers’ privacy. You can rest assured that when you purchase your sex products from Pleasure Me, your order will be handled with the utmost discretion. All items are packaged discreetly with no identifying markings, so nobody but you knows what you’re up to! We also care about our customers having an amazing shopping experience. It matters to us that you find the sex products that you’re looking for, so we are available to answer your questions and provide you with discreet and personal advice.

Penis Extender Sleeve

An introduction to the penis extender sleeve

Penis extensions are a must have for anyone wanting to make Donkey Kong more King Kong, and getting your hot hands on a penis extender sleeve is a surefire way to bring King Kong to the party, if you get our gist. No magic potions or invasive surgery required. Now, if you’ve never heard about these delightful devices you may be wondering whether a penis extender sleeve is right for you? Want to know more? Read on as we take you on a tour of penis extensions!

What is a penis extender sleeve and what does it do?

So what is a penis extender sleeve and how does it work? In a nutshell, it’s a guaranteed and measurable way to increase the length and girth of your phallus. No magic potions or pills, no creams, no surgery, just some good (not-so-)old-fashioned hardware. Pun intended. Penis extender sleeves are most often made from a soft material like silicone or rubber. They are intended to slip over the penis. With this in mind, if you’re liking the sound of these and considering purchasing one for yourself, it makes sense to note the dimensions so that you ensure the product you’re purchasing gives you room to be comfortable, so it won’t interfere with your sexual adventures.

Penis extender sleeves sit over the penis in a similar fashion to a condom. Some types of models also offer a ball ring to hold the device in place, and nubs, ridges or other types of stimulating infrastructure on the inside, so the wearer gets the benefit of the pleasurable sensations too.

Will a penis extender sleeve really work?

Ain’t that the burning question: will the penis extender sleeve really work? That very much depends on what type of results you’re expecting to see or feel, and what type of experience you and your partner are wanting to have. It is a personal thing that comes down to the individual, or individuals in question. In terms of length and girth, a penis extender sleeve will instantly add size to your schlong.  And if that’s what you’re after, then the penis extender is just what you need! The Fat Boy Extender Clear is a great option for anyone who wants to bang the night away with a huge cock.

If you or your partner like the idea of new sensations and some extra bumps and tickles during sex, you should look into a penis extender sleeve that offers some extra stimulation. The Extreme Sleeve range offers just this: a selection of tantalizing extenders dotted with pleasure prickles and love lumps.

Some people may consider the use of a penis extender sleeve as a temporary solution to their issues with erectile dysfunction. It is commonly reported in men with erectile dysfunction that they loose their erection when engaging in intercourse, so using a penis extender sleeve can assist the wearer in maintaining the effects of an erection during sex, even if they lose theirs. No need to shut the party down just because the cops showed up, right?

How to use a penis extender sleeve

It’s your first time? Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it. So you’ve purchased your new equipment. The moment has come, it’s time to get it on! Firstly, in order to get your penis extender sleeve on, you’ll need to be erect. We’re pretty confident we don’t need to tell you how to arrive at this point. Grab your favourite lubricant (need lube? You can browse our extensive selection here.) Apply a small amount to your penis. Slip the penis extender sleeve over your penis. If your particular extender has a ball strap, pop that on as well. If you have purchased a model that doesn’t have a ball start to secure it, you may need to use scissors to trim it down slightly the first time you use it, just to ensure it fits snuggly. Once you’re done, remember to give your extender a good clean with a toy-safe cleaner and sanitizer.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Whether you’re new to the world of adult toys or a seasoned expert, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is the perfect tantalizing addition to your toybox for solo or couples play. If quicker, more intense and multiple orgasms sound appealing, then this is one toy you really need to have!

What does Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation do?

A total game-changer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation massager delivers a next-level, touch-free pleasure experience. Featuring innovative vaccum technology that creates a pulsating suction sensation, it provides a gentle pulse and tug sensation like no other toy you’ve experienced before. It is a beautifully elegant, sensual rose gold colour, with a smooth oval head and long ergonomic handle, making it easy to get comfortable and find the right angle for your body.


How do I use it?

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is an absolute dream to use. Simply place the smooth oval tip over the clitoris with the head comfortably in the hollow tip. For those among us with a penis, you can even try placing it over the head of the penis, or over the nipples. Once you’ve found your ideal position, there’s no need to move; just relax and let the Satisfyer do it’s thing! With the touch of a button, you control the negative pressure sensation. You can choose from 11 alluring program mode intensities, so you are sure to tantalize your love bead and hit the spot each and every time.


The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is quiet to use, so it’s super discreet. It comes with a magnetic USB charging cable and thanks to the quickly rechargeable batteries, this lovetoy can be used anywhere and everywhere, so you never miss out. With 4 hours of charge you have a sensational 2 hours of playtime, so you can enjoy that special moment again and again. Underwater thrill seekers and mermaids will be pleased to know that this little gem is entirely waterproof and fully submersible, too. The pressure waves reach their peak intensity when the toy is used underwater, so it’s absolutely perfect for wet moments.

Also available to complement this pleasure-giver are Satisfyer Pro 2 Climax Tips, which come in a pack containing 3 replacement heads and 2 desire enhancing tips. These silky-smooth, white silicone attachments fit perfectly onto your Satisfyer Pro Next Generation. They are super-soft and optimized in shape so they snuggle up effortlessly to your clitoris. Satisfyer Pro 2 Climax Tips are easily interchangeable for effortless cleaning.

But I like my vibrator…

If you’re intrigued about the pressure wave technology, but perhaps aren’t ready to give up vibrators, then you have to let the Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibration blow your mind (and your love tunnel!). It’s got the perfect pairing of the magic tip, providing gentle to powerful negative pressure to your clitoris, with good-old-fashioned vibrations for added stimulation for your vagina, so we’re confident it will give you the ride of your life!

What our customers say:

“The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is by far the most amazing toy I’ve ever tried! All I can say is WOW! I don’t need anything else.” –Lara.

“If you want the most explosive orgasms you’ve ever experienced, you need to get yourself a Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen. I was apprehensive at first, but this definitely delivers what it promises.” –Alex H.

“As other users have mentioned, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen feels subtle at first, but once you flick your way up through the intensities, BOOM! HELLO! It’s hard to put it down. Lucky it’s so pretty, you can leave it on your bedside table.” – Belinda C.

Order it now here: Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation


Stretch Lace and Leopard Patterned Mesh Skirt Baby Doll

Sex Accessories for More Pleasure

Sex accessories can add a bit more fun and excitement in the bedroom. Want to explore new sensations? Pleasure Me has a wide selection of sex accessories online that caters to a variety of preferences with fast delivery and amazing prices.

Sex Accessories Australia

In the Adult Toys section, you can find sex accessories ranging from anal & butt plugs, electrosex, and vibrators to pumps for both male and female parts. Pleasure Me even has kits to maximize pleasure and savings.

For Body Care, you can find a selection of items for anal bleaching, cleaning, hygiene, lubricants, and more. Want to have a little more fun with a partner? Try these games & novelty sex accessories.

If you want to dress the part, browse the wide selection of Clothing for all kinds of sexual fantasies, fetishes, and needs. Sexy clothing can help set the mood, and we have something sexy for everybody, male or female. Feeling frilly and lacy? Want all black and sleek? Or silly, novelty styles? No problem.

For any preference of Fetish sex accessories Australia, Pleasure Me has your backside – and ankles, and wallet – covered. With collars, leashes, masks, blindfolds, hoods, and more to provide even more ways to play with your partner.

It doesn’t matter what gets you going, Pleasure Me has the sex accessories that you love using or want to try next, with a partner or solo.

In order to thoroughly enjoy our sex accessories, remember our 4 tips to Embracing your Sexual Self:

  1. Be open to communication with your partner.
  2. Understand your thoughts & experiences are not unique.
  3. Learn all you can about what you like and be willing to try new things.
  4. Forget about labels.

Whether you’re new to sex accessories, or experienced and looking for your next adventure, browse thousands of products and get the best adult toys online delivered daily. Pleasure Me values your privacy and offers fast and discreet delivery, guarantees the best price, provides hassle free customer service, and is a 100% Australian retailer. Order sex accessories online now at Pleasure Me!

7 Piece Bondage Adventure Set

Fetish Sex Toys Australia – Something for Every Body!

At Pleasure Me, we have the fetish sex toys at the right price to fit any preference for any body.

It doesn’t matter what brings you sexual pleasure—Pleasure Me provides the sex toys you love, the sex toys you want to try, and the adult sex toys you never knew you needed.

Thanks to our discreet shopping service, you can browse and shop sex toys from home. Your purchases are then quickly and discreetly delivered to your door, keeping your privacy secure. Fetish sex toys Australia are easy, quick, and discreet.

If you’ve been using fetish sex toys for a while

Try out something new that you hadn’t considered before! Expand your pleasure choices for alone pleasure me time and pleasure time with a partner.

Take a look at our men’s toys for male parts, or our women’s toys that go way beyond vibrators.

If you’re shopping for someone else

Think about what turns them on visually and physically. Consider how adventurous they are willing or not willing to be. Consider what would be fun for both of you to use together.

Explore our newest arrivals, our kits, or our games & novelty items.

 If you’re new to exploring sex toys

Try a sex toy that’s just for you to play with. Once you become comfortable using sex toys in your pleasure experiences, you’ll want to add more accessories to your pleasure chest.

Try something simple such as one of our masturbators or vibrators.

Browse our wide selection of games, dolls, furniture, accessories, and sex toys Australia.

Fetish Toys Australia at Pleasure Me

Adult Toys – Entire selection of adult sex toys

Anal & Butt plugs – Priced from $9 to $122 with many options available

Dolls & IDolls – For a more personal experience

Electrosex – Stimulate and amplify with electric energy

Games/Novelty – Intimate games to play with your partner

Kits – Why buy a single toy when you can get a kit including multiple toys

Masturbators – When you need a little help

Men’s Toys – Specially made for male parts

New Adult Toys – Newest Arrivals—see what you’re missing

Pumps – Pumps for male parts & female parts

Sex Furniture & Sex Machines – Get yourself into position

Size Matters – Go big or go home—items for women & men

Vibrators – Entire vibrating inventory—something for everyone

Women’s Toys – A lot more than just vibrators—explore your options

adult sex clothing

Sex Clothing Online

Sex Clothing for Sex Appeal!

Sexy clothing can help both you and your partner get in the mood for pleasure. Similar to popular sex toys, sex clothing can add variety to your pleasure time. And the added visual appeal of sex clothing brings pleasure even before anything physical occurs.

Pleasure Me offers a variety of sex clothing online, no matter your style, gender, or size, to get you and your partner ready for pleasure time.

Both men and women enjoy our sexy clothing variety. Whether you are looking for an item you can wear regularly, or something for a special occasion, we have something sexy for everybody!

Sexy Clothing for Women

Our sex clothing for women includes lingerie, costumes, novelty items, robes, and active wear to name a few. Try something exciting and new!



More Sex Clothing for Women


Sexy Clothing for Men

Sex clothing for men includes underwear, novelty items, and more. Try something you never knew you needed!

  • Brief
  • Male Power
  • Male Sling
  • Men’s Novelty
  • Short

    You’ll appreciate the discreet and fast ability of browsing online and having your pleasure package delivered to your door. Getting adult sex clothing Australia is fun, easy, and discreet.

    adult sex toys

    Adult Sex Toys

    Pleasure Me offers wide selection of quality adult sex toys online at best prices.

    Toys are Fun! Get to Know Adult Sex Toys

    No matter what gives you sexual pleasure—something soft, rigid, small, large, discreet, or flashy—you’ll find something to make you smile with adult sex toys.

    Pleasure Me has a selection of the best adult toys and you can shop with confidence thanks to discreet service and fast delivery times. You’ll discover sex toys that will bring fun to your sex life and offer new ways to play with your partner.

    Maybe you’re new to adult sex toys and want to try something easy to use. Maybe you’re a sex toy pro and are looking to up the ante. Or maybe you just need a replacement for your current toy or want to add some additional items to your pleasure box.

    Pleasure Me has women’s and men’s adult sex toys, games, dolls, furniture, and accessories for play.

    Explore all your adult toys pleasure options:

    Adult Toys – Entire selection of adult sex toys

    Anal & Butt plugs – Priced from $9 to $122 with many options available

    Dolls & IDolls – For a more personal experience

    Electrosex – Stimulate and amplify with electric energy

    Games/Novelty – Intimate games to play with your partner

    Kits – Why buy a single toy when you can get a kit including multiple toys

    Masturbators – When you need a little help

    Men’s Toys – Specially made for male parts

    New Adult Toys – Newest Arrivals—see what you’re missing

    Pumps – Pumps for male parts & female parts

    Sex Furniture & Sex Machines – Get yourself into position

    Size Matters – Go big or go home—items for women & men

    Vibrators – Entire vibrating inventory—something for everyone

    Women’s Toys – A lot more than just vibrators—explore your options

    Order adult sex toys now online at Pleasure Me!

    healthy sexual mindset

    Have a Happy Sexual Mindset

    Sexuality is a natural part of our bodies and lives, yet being able to experience and share sexual pleasure and intimacy does not come naturally for all of us.

    Sexuality is much more than just sexual behaviour, and it’s the complex sexual mindset that often keeps us from fully expressing our sexual selves. Having access to information on sexual wellbeing and care can be the first step in understanding your own sexual expression.

    4 Tips to Embracing your Sexual Self

    1. Be open to communication with your partner.

    Develop an open line of communication with your partner to share your ideas about sexual pleasure. And encourage their communication.

    • What are your fears?
    • What feels great, okay, and not so great?
    • What is something you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t yet?
    • Do you prefer more intimacy, less intimacy, or more variations in our intimacy?

    2. Understand your thoughts & experiences are not unique.

    Do you ever think that some of your thoughts, desires, or feelings about sexuality, sex, or intimacy are strange or uncommon? You are not alone! Just a few common thoughts include:

    • Feeling guilt or shame about masturbation
    • Worries your partner doesn’t find you attractive
    • Shame or guilt in who you are attracted to
    • Unsure if your sexual appetite is too high or too low
    • Worries your partner will not understand or want to participate in your fantasies or sexual requests

    A positive sexual mindset requires respecting your feelings about sexuality and those of others. Having a pleasurable, safe, and consensual sexual experience is part of sexual health. If your desires are pleasurable, safe, and consensual, you should feel positive about these and embrace your sexual experiences.

    3. Learn all you can about what you like and be willing to try new things.

    Sometimes, a new partner brings out new preferences in our sexual behaviours and creates new opportunities for intimacy. Don’t assume that what you liked with one partner will automatically transfer to a new partner. And if you have a long-time partner, explore some news ways to express your sexuality together.
    Pleasure Me offers an abundance of supplies body care products, clothing, adult toys, and tools—for your current sexual needs, and for exploring new ones! And since it’s online, your purchases are always private.

    4. Forget about labels.

    Does this make me seem slutty, inexperienced, perverse, etc.? We worry about what is “normal” and how our partner will perceive us. But as much as we all have similarities in our sexual natures, we have personal preferences too. It’s completely normal to have some unique likes or dislikes in your sexual behaviours. Embrace your sexual preferences and needs.

    A partner who cares about your sexual health and is open to communication about sex and intimacy will not judge your preferences—he or she is likely harbouring their own worries, and will appreciate your confidence and unashamed demonstration of knowing what you want and asking for it.