Sex Machines: Why you need one in your life.

Let’s talk about sex machines. Maybe you’ve heard about them and are curious, or maybe they’re a completely foreign topic. Either way, you NEED to know that these marvelous inventions exist. What are sex machines? Sex machines are sometimes also called fuck machines. Because they do exactly that. They bring you to orgasm either by […]

Geisha Balls 2 Pink

Geisha Balls for Stronger Orgasms!

Geisha balls have been used since the ancient Japanese times. The seductive geishas and concubines of the time used stone balls (and in later times, metal balls) to indulge their men sexually. Channel your inner geisha and indulge yourself and your partner with intense sexual pleasure. The benefits of using Geisha Balls Many women start […]

Ero Spanish Fly Extreme Men Drops 30ml

Spanish Fly – An Interesting Insight!

Spanish Fly. Sound Familiar? In recent times, you may have heard of Spanish Fly reappearing in the media thanks to Bill Cosby. Since its origins in ancient times, a number of products have emerged over the years, called by the same namesake, claiming to get women horny as hell and give men rampant erections. Interestingly […]

Swiss Navy Anal Lubricant 2oz/59ml

Anal Lubricant: Why you Need it and What to Choose

Do I need anal lubricant? When it comes to anal lubricant, the answer is always ‘yes’. Unlike your vagina, your anus doesn’t self-lubricate. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to get yourself a good lube before you jump in. Without lube, anal sex in any shape or form can not only be painful, it can […]

iDOLL Angela

Adult Sex Dolls – A Revolutionary Sex Toy

What are adult sex dolls? Adults sex dolls are basically masturbation tools that look like real human beings. They are made to provide sexual pleasure with incredible realistic feel. For many people, adult sex dolls are a great way to experience physical (or emotional) intimacy without the need to go out and meet a real […]

Shibari Cherry Kegels (5Pc Variable-Weighted Kegel Balls)

Kegel Balls

Kegel balls: everything you’ve ever wanted to know Kegel balls have been around for many, many years. Centuries, in fact! Read on to discover the answers to everything you’ve ever wanted to know about these little spheres of goodness… What are kegel balls? Kegel balls are basically a gym workout for your vagina! They are […]

Sirs Sub Set 3 Piece Bondage Kit

Adult Bondage Toys

Adult bondage toys: a walk on the wild side Get ready to take a walk on the wild side with our steamy selection of adult bondage toys! At Pleasure Me, we stock a wide variety of adult bondage toys and kinky bits and pieces to bring your devious desires to life. What is bondage? It […]

Sex Products

At Pleasure Me, we’re intimately familiar with sex products. Not only do we know our stuff, we offer a huge selection of adult sex products online, at the very best prices. Our range includes only the highest quality items on the market, so you can be confident that what you’re buying is nothing but the […]

Penis Extender Sleeve

An introduction to the penis extender sleeve Penis extensions are a must have for anyone wanting to make Donkey Kong more King Kong, and getting your hot hands on a penis extender sleeve is a surefire way to bring King Kong to the party, if you get our gist. No magic potions or invasive surgery […]