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Geisha Balls for Stronger Orgasms!

Geisha balls have been used since the ancient Japanese times. The seductive geishas and concubines of the time used stone balls (and in later times, metal balls) to indulge their men sexually. Channel your inner geisha and indulge yourself and your partner with intense sexual pleasure.

The benefits of using Geisha Balls

Many women start using geisha balls (also known as ben wa balls, kegel balls or orgasm balls) as a way to improve their sex life. Generations of woman can attest to their efficacy! The small, smooth, round balls are inserted into the vagina, triggering your muscles down there to contract. Geisha balls strengthen your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, ultimately leading to tighter and more intense sex, and mind-blowing orgasms. When you orgasm, your love muscles contract, so the stronger they are, the more intense your orgasms will be!

Where do I buy geisha balls and how do I know what to choose?

Here at Pleasure Me we keep a variety of geisha balls, so that you have options when choosing the right material, size and weight for your body. If you’re purchasing geisha balls for the first time, you might find that geisha balls that are attached to a string are easiest to use. Geisha balls that have a string or strap attached make it easier to insert and remove them smoothly. As you become a more experienced and confident user, you might like to progress your exercises by opting for heavier, larger or individual balls for a more intense workout down there. Geisha balls are also available in a number of different materials, including ABS plastic, borosilicilate glass and metal coated magnet, which you can choose based on personal preference.

I’ve bought some geisha balls. How do I use them?

Start by giving your new geisha balls a good wash with toy safe soap and warm water. Wash your hands and get your favourite lubricant. Find yourself a comfortable spot to lie down and spread your legs apart (your bed is a good place to do this). Pop a reasonable amount of lube onto your geisha balls and insert them inside your vagina slowly and one at a time. If your geisha balls are connected by a loop or strap, you should leave this to hand outside your body, as it will help you when it comes time to remove the balls. Using gentle pressure, push the geisha balls as far up inside your vagina as you feel comfortable doing. You might feel your muscles automatically tighten around them, or consciously think about tightening your muscles. Don’t worry, they won’t fall out!

What can I do once I have the geisha balls inside me?

Your geisha balls can stay inside you while you go ahead and do your daily activities. They can safely stay inside you for a few hours.

If you’re feeling frisky, why grab your partner and try engaging in some foreplay with your geisha balls inside you. If you have metal balls, you can refrigerate them and pop them inside right before you begin playing around with your partner. The smooth, cold surface of the geisha balls inside your warm and wet inside can create some serious sensations unlike anything else you would have experienced. If you’re more experienced with using geisha balls, you might like to experiment with letting your partner penetrate you slowly and sensually whilst the balls are inside you. You partner’s penis will move the balls around, creating some amazing hair-raising stimulation (this is even better if you’re using individual balls!).

When the time comes, your orgasms will be insanely intense with the geisha balls inside you. If you’ve removed your balls before sex, that’s fine too- and you should still expect a mind-blowing orgasm (or perhaps more than one, if you’re lucky!); the geisha balls will have done their work and given your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles a workout. Over time and with continual use, your muscles will get stronger and so will your orgasms.

Remember to take the time to properly clean and sanitize your geisha balls after each use. Individual products come with instructions on how to care for them.

Why you should I buy my geisha balls from Pleasure Me?

Because we’re awesome! No, really, we value our customers’ privacy, so when you choose to shop for geisha balls or any other adult products from Pleasure Me, you can be confident that we will process your order with complete discretion. Every one of our orders is packaged discreetly without any identifying markings on the package, so only you know what’s inside. It’s also really important to us that all of our customers to have a fantastic online shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for geisha balls or something else, we want to help you find it. That’s why we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable staff who are ready to answer your queries and questions with discretion and provide you with personalised advice when you need it.