Ero Spanish Fly Extreme Men Drops 30ml

Spanish Fly – An Interesting Insight!

Spanish Fly. Sound Familiar?

In recent times, you may have heard of Spanish Fly reappearing in the media thanks to Bill Cosby. Since its origins in ancient times, a number of products have emerged over the years, called by the same namesake, claiming to get women horny as hell and give men rampant erections.

Interestingly (and actually, thankfully!), the current versions of Spanish Fly that are available are concoctions of various aphrodisiac substances, rather than the actual Spanish Fly juice that was once utilized in the ancient times. At Pleasure Me, we stock Ero Spanish Fly extreme and regular drops, for increased libido and virility.

Why would I need a product such as Ero Spanish Fly?

Everyday stressors, metabolic disorders, personal, and relationship issues can impact adversely on your libido and your sex drive. This is where Ero Spanish Fly can help. Its unique formulation containing a special blend of vitamin C, L-arginine and angelica root extract can help to enhance libido in both women and men, and delay ejaculation in men…which means longer, stronger, more intense sex.

What is Spanish Fly and where did it originate?

The “true” Spanish Fly tincture was made from a substance produced by blister beetles. And true to their name, contact with this substance causes the skin to blister! The beetles would be crushed up and mixed into foods (typically sweets) and drinks, unfortunately quite often without the receiver even knowing! The Spanish Fly would be consumed, making the person feel very warm. Despite what people may have believed back then, the warmth was not nearly due to sexual attraction, but in fact, it was just inflammation. Ouch!

So, what’s in the Ero Spanish Fly then?

Far removed from the potentially dangerous blister beetle tincture, Ero Spanish Fly includes a special blend of vitamin c, L-arginine and angelica root extract. Vitamin C has been championed as an all-round health supplement for many years, but when it comes to sexual performance, ascorbic acid as it is otherwise known, can offer a number of potential benefits. It not only boosts energy, it awakens your libido by aiding in nitric oxide dilation of your blood vessels. This results in increased stimulation of your body. L-arginine improves circulation, as does angelica root. Angelica root also plays a role in Ero Spanish Fly drops, by enhancing sexual desire and increasing sex drive.

How do I use Ero Spanish Fly?

Ero Spanish Fly can naturally improve your sex life when used consistently over a period of time. The convenient dropper bottle makes it easy to take.  For best results, you should remember to take it regularly.

Okay, I’ve got some Ero Spanish Fly, what else can I do to improve my libido?

As we just mentioned, to get the best results from your Ero Spanish Fly, you’ll want to take it regularly and consistently. In the meantime, here are a few other suggestions as to ways that you can improve your libido and sex drive:

  • Get some exercise: a number of studies have linked exercise to better erections and improved sexual function in men. Physical activity improves blood flow, increases energy levels, improves self-confidence, enhances mood and increases genital response and sensitivity
  • Get out in the sunshine: vitamin D from the sun plays an important role in regulating the hormones that are related to arousal. We also wear less clothes when it’s hot and sunny…hot-naked-sexy…get the gist?
  • Have a massage: not only does it feel amazeballs, having a massage naturally reduces stress and increases your happy hormones. Try it as part of your foreplay routine and indulge each other in a sensual experience.