Let’s Talk Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps: seriously underrated sex toys!

As if you weren’t already aware, your nipples are highly erogenous zones, largely because they are packed to the rafters with nerve endings! And seriously, who doesn’t love a bit of nip action? Licking nipples, sucking nipples, biting nipples, maybe? If you ticked the boxes for the first two and definitely if you ticked the third, then nipple clamps may just be the next sex toy that you need to try.

Being felt up during foreplay can be a huge turn-on, but many of us really enjoy a little more…painful stimulation. If you’ve ever considered venturing into the world of light BDSM (dominant/submissive) sexual play, nipple clamps are a great place to start bridging the gap from very vanilla sex.


Nipple Clamps And Cock Ring SetWhat are nipple clamps?

As their name conveniently suggests, nipple clamps are simple little devices that are used to pinch or clamp your nipples. They work by applying pressure and restricting blood flow to the area, which in turn results in heightened sensations when your nipples are stimulated.

How are nipple clamps used?

Before you begin with using nipple clamps, it’s worth determining that you do in fact like to engage in some sort of nipple play (such as licking, sucking, pinching or even a little bit of biting). If you’re unaccustomed to this type of touch, you might initially find it uncomfortable or even a tad painful. That’s fine too; we obviously all have different bodies, so we all enjoy different things…However it might be worth experimenting a little with applying a bit of pressure to your nipples during sex or masturbation; a small study conducted in 20111 found that women’s nipple sensations are processed in the same part of the brain that processes feelings from the vagina and the clitoris!

Nipple clamps can be awesome for hands-free nipple play for anyone with nipples: women, men and non-binary people can all enjoy the pressure. Most commonly, nipple clamps are associated with BDSM play, where the dominant partner puts them on the submissive partner as part of sexual power play. Depending on the type of nipple clamps used, weights may be hung from them, they might be connected to collars, leashes, electrodes, multiple clamps connected as one unit, or even a cockring. Use your imagination to create an infinite number of scenarios where you can attach the clamps to inflict pleasure and pain on each other.

There are so many kinds of nipple clamps – how do I know what to choose?

When deciding what type of nipple clamps to buy, you will need to work out what type of pressure you enjoy (or what type of pressure you would like to try). You will also need to decide whether you have a preference for stand-alone nipple clamps, or if you want them to be attached to another plaything, such as a cockring or clit clamp.

Most nipple clamps are connected by a chain of some sort. The bigger and heavier the chain, the more weight, and therefore the more pressure your nipples will carry (making for a more intense experience), so it might be a good idea to start with a smaller or lighter chain. Generally speaking, smaller clamps (those with thin or small tips) will focus their pressure down to one small spot, creating more of a pinching sensation, whereas wider or larger nipple clamps will distribute pressure move evenly across the nipple, making the sensation feel more “dull”. You might need to experiment with different types to find the nipple clamp that you like the best.

I like the idea of nipple clamps, but I’m not ready to squeeze my nipples just yet…

If you like the idea of nipple play but perhaps you aren’t ready to take the plunge and use nipple clamps just yet, you might like to experiment with pressure play by trying nipple and clit suckers and pumps. You can apply these to any area that can benefit from improved blood flow and sensitization, making them a great stepping stone to using nipple clamps.

Is there anything else I should know about nipple clamps?

Our advice when using nipple clamps is to start slow and work your way up. Begin with an adjustable set that is on the loosest setting and slowly increase pressure or weight as you feel comfortable. It makes perfect sense to listen to your body, so if you feel pain beyond your tolerance, remove them immediately.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you’re using nipple clamps or any other sex toys that cause a bit of pain with a partner, it is a  good idea to establish a ‘safe word’ before you start to play. You should try to pay extra attention to your partner’s cues and be sensitive of their needs, especially so when you’re playing around with toys that have the ability to cause a bit of pain. The bottom line: check in with them regularly and make sure that they’re still enjoying the sensations that they’re getting!