Nipple Toys: TLC for your nips!

Nipples are a seriously underrated part of the body; getting a hold of some nipple toys is a surefire way to get excited about this amazing erogenous zone!


Nipple Pumping System with Dual CylindersGet your hands on some nipple toys…

You might not know that each nipple has around 2000 nerve endings- how amazing is that? This makes them very responsive to stimulation, whether that be by hand, tongue, or nipple toys. For many people, a little bit of nipple stimulation is enough to send an almost “electric” wave of pleasure all the way down to the genitals. In some people, nipple stimulation can even cause nipple orgasms, which are said to be powerful and completely unique- different from the regular genital orgasm that you will be familiar with. And heck, even if you don’t spend enough time on your nipples to have a nipple-gasm, simply giving your nipples some attention is seriously erotic!

What’s more, everyone has them, so experimenting with nipple toys and nipple touch is a fantastic way to try something new with your partner, regardless of whether you have a penis or a vagina downstairs.

Nipple toys are for everyone…

Nipple toys are for everyone…because we all have nipples, right? If the idea of another route to orgasm is appealing to you (and really, why wouldn’t it be?), then you’ll want to have a read through our little guide to nipple toys below.

It’s short and sweet, but it’s what you want to know before heading off to browse Pleasure Me’s selection of nipple toys.

New to nipple toys? Here’s what there is to know…

If you’ve never used nipple toys before, you’ll need to keep in mind that the nipples are really sensitive, so you might be best off to start with some gentle nipple play and see how that feels. When it come to nipples, the lines between pleasure and pain often get blurred. And whilst for some people this is a huge turn-on, for others it’s just downright painful, so keep the lines of communication open with your partner, and perhaps even consider having a safe word in case you feel that things are getting a little out of hand.

What are the best nipple toys to try?

Nipple toys can be purpose-designed, or you might find that using another type of sex toy (such as a vibrator) over the nipples also works to create some amazing sensations.

Probably one of the most popular type of nipple toys we sell here at Pleasure Me. Nipple clamps literally pinch the nipples. The pressure is variable, so you can work with your partner (or by yourself!) to find the ideal clamp between pleasure and pain. There are lots of options in terms of material, whether or not they are weighted, vibrating, static, or connected to something else such as a cock ring or clit clamp. The choice is really up to you and what you like.

Another popular category of nipple toys, nipple suckers are placed over the nipples and the air is pumped out of the suction cup to create pressure. This pressure increases blood flow to the nipples, increasing sensitivity. Once you remove the suction cups is where the fun really starts- your super-sensitive nipples are now ready to be sucked, licked or caressed in any way you enjoy.

The humble vibrator isn’t just for downstairs play! Vibrators can be great fun for stimulating erogenous zones all over the body, including over the nipples. If you want to really level up, why not try using a vibrator over the nipples following the use of nipple suckers?

Now you know all about nipple toys…

Now you have all the info you need about nipple toys, go ahead and check out our range! You’re sure to find something that tickles your pickle (we mean, tickles your nipples!).