Ben Wa Balls – For more than just the pelvic floor!

Ben wa balls have been used for centuries to help women strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. But they do so much more than just get your pelvic floor into shape! More recently, ben wa balls have become more well known for their ability to enhance sexual pleasure. You might even hear then called “orgasm balls” for this reason.

kebel ball or ben wa ballsThe benefits of using ben wa balls

Many women initially start using ben wa balls (also known as geisha balls, kegel balls or orgasm balls) as a way to improve the health of their pelvic floor, and in turn their sex life. Ben wa balls are small, weighted balls that come in different weights and sizes. They are made to be inserted into the vagina, which triggers the muscles of the vagina and pelvic floor to contract and hold the balls in.

The aim of using ben wa balls is that over time your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles become stronger, which ultimately leads to tighter and more intense sex… Which usually means amazing orgasms! When you reach orgasm, those vaginal and pelvic floor muscles contract, therefore the stronger they are, the more intense orgasms you can expect.

Where do I buy ben wa balls and how do I know which ones to choose?

At Pleasure Me we stock a number of different ben wa balls, giving you plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right material, size and weight for your body.

If you are buying ben wa balls for the first time, we would suggest starting with some that are attached with a silicone string. The ben wa balls that have a string or a strap connected to them make insertion and removal much easier. Over time, as you become more confident and experienced in using your ben wa balls, you might like to progress your exercises by buying some heavier, larger diameter or separate individual balls for a more intense workout.

Ben wa balls come in a number of different materials. These include ABS plastic, borosilicilate glass and metal coated magnet. What you choose is purely personal preference.

I’ve bought some ben wa balls. How do I prepare to use them?

We always suggest beginning by giving your new ben wa balls (or any sex toys you buy!) a good wash with toy safe soap and plenty of warm water. Make sure that your hands are clean, and that you have a quality lubricant on hand. Prepare by finding a comfortable spot- such as your bed- to lie down and place your legs apart. Apply a generous amount of lube at your vaginal opening and/or on your ben wa balls. This will prevent any discomfort as you’re inserting them. Insert the ben wa balls into your vagina slowly, one at a time. If you’ve purchased ben was balls that are connected by a string or strap, you need to leave the strap hanging outside of your body so that you can remove the balls easily when you’re ready. Apply some gentle pressure and push your ben wa balls as far up inside your vagina as is comfortable. You will probably feel that your muscles down there automatically tighten up around them. If you don’t, consciously concentrate on tightening your muscles. For many people, after a minute or two, the contraction becomes automatic, so that you don’t necessarily need to think about doing it continually. Don’t worry, the balls won’t fall out.

What should I do once I have the ben wa balls inside me?

You can keep the ben wa balls inside your vagina whilst you go about your daily business. You can keep them safely inside for up to a few hours.

If you’re feeling a bit sexy, grab your partner and have a play with the ben wa balls inside of you. If you have purchased metal balls, you can pop them into the fridge so they get cold and then put them inside you right before you begin sexual play. The smooth, cold surface on the ben wa balls against your warm insides can be a tantalizingly different sensation. If you have been using ben wa balls for a while and you are more experienced, then you might like to try experimenting by allowing your partner to penetrate you slowly whilst the balls are still inside you. Particularly if you are using individual ben wa balls, the movement of your partner’s penis will move the balls around, creating some mind-blowing sensations!

When it’s time to orgasm, expect an insanely intense orgasm with the ben wa balls inside you. Even if you have removed your balls before having sex, that’s alright as well- you can still expect a toe-curling orgasm (or perhaps multiple orgasms, if you’re lucky!).

When you are finished using your ben wa balls, always take the time to clean and sanitize them properly. Take note of the individual instructions that come with your ben wa balls as to how to look after them correctly and extend their life.