Anal Toys: A Quick Guide for Beginners

We get it; using anal toys for the first time can be a little daunting, and there are certainly a few things you need to know before you get into it (pun intended!). The anus has over 2,000 sensitive nerve endings, so naturally it is an erogenous zone with amazing potential for pleasure. Usually when people say they’ve had a negative experience with anal toys or anal play the first time, it’s because they’ve jumped right in without any physical or mental preparation.

We know that there are a few things that you should consider before your first experience with anal toys or anal play in general, so hopefully this blog gives you a greater understanding…and leads to a safe, positive and pleasurable first experience!


  1. anal toysAnal Toys and Play: The right frame of mind

The most important piece of information we can give you when it comes to anal toys and anal play is, educate yourself. There is certainly a lot of misinformation and taboo when it comes to butt stuff, which often confuses people and makes them fearful of trying anal play for the first time. Educating yourself on what to expect will help you to feel empowered during your first anal experience, allowing you to enjoy it much more.

  1. Anal Toys and Play: Go solo first

Just like with any type of sexual play, masturbation is a great idea because it allows you to discover what you do and don’t enjoy. Play with anal toys is no different. Trying out some anal toys on your own at a time when you are comfortable, warm and relaxed is a really good idea; it’s a safe space for you to try different products in different positions to see what works for you. Obviously, when you’re alone, you can also stop at any point without needing to navigate a potentially uncomfortable situation with someone else.

  1. Anal Toys and Play: Keep it clean

This is a common question we hear when it comes to anal toys and anal play in general: what about the mess? Well, at the end of the day, if you’re going to be putting anal toys, fingers, or anything else in and around your bumhole, being prepared for the possibility of encountering some poop may make you feel les shocked if in fact, you do. In having said that, for the most part, your body stores poo much higher in the bowel, so if you’ve been to the toilet within the last few hours, you’re unlikely to encounter any mess. Understanding your body ad your digestive system’s patterns is helpful. Some people find that using some alcohol-free baby wipes or soap and water following emptying their bowels is enough, while others prefer to take extra precautions and use an enema. If you do choose to do an enema, make sure you do that 2-3 hours prior to any anal play.

  1. Anal Toys and Play: No double-dipping

This also comes under the umbrella of keeping it clean, but basically, anal toys, fingers and anything else that enters the anus should not be placed into the vagina. The vagina maintains a delicate ecosystem and you don’t want to disrupt it by introducing bacteria from the anus there.

  1. Anal Toys and Play: Choose the right type of toy

Choosing which anal toys are right for you comes down to what type of sensations you would like to experience. There is quite a bit to choose from, but for the purposes of this blog, we will consider the two main types of anal toys: anal beads and butt plugs.

Butt Plugs: Butt plugs are not just a preparative anal toy for anal sex (as some people would have you believe!). They are a great toy all on their own, since they stay in, stimulating that erogenous zone and giving a feeling of fullness, whilst allowing you to concentrate on the sensations from other pleasurable areas.

Anal Beads: Unlike butt plugs, which are designed to stay in place, anal beads are designed to be moved in and out, stimulating the anus and the inside of the body. They are inserted one at a time, creating that feeling of fulness, then pulled out at whatever speed the user chooses, arousing the nerve endings of the sphincter muscles, facilitating that amazing pleasurable feeling.

When you’re choosing anal toys for the first time, we recommend starting with smaller products and moving up to larger ones as you become more comfortable and experienced. Always choose anal toys that have a flared base- this is important in order to prevent them slipping up into the colon (which poses a serious health risk if they cannot be retrieved).

  1. Anal Toys and Play: Lube it up good

Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t have any self-lubricating ability. Therefore you need to make sure that you are using a quality lubricant whenever you are using any types of sex toys or even your fingers. A water-based lube is a great option for anal play. Water based lubes are also safe use with silicone anal toys (unlike oil based lubricants, which are not). Always use more lube than you think you need!

  1. Anal Toys and Play: Think outside the box

Don’t confine yourself to staying within the box when playing with anal toys! For example, many people think that butt plugs are just a warm-up for anal sex; but in fact, butt plugs can be worn by one or both partners during vaginal sex to heighten the pleasurable stimulation and the overall sexual experience. You can also use butt plugs or anal beads during solo play while you masturbate, or you could even wear a butt plug during a date, just because it makes you feel naughty!

However you choose to use you anal toys, just be safe, go slow and allow yourself to enjoy the experience!