Penis Extender Sleeve

An introduction to the penis extender sleeve

Penis extensions are a must have for anyone wanting to make Donkey Kong more King Kong, and getting your hot hands on a penis extender sleeve is a surefire way to bring King Kong to the party, if you get our gist. No magic potions or invasive surgery required. Now, if you’ve never heard about these delightful devices you may be wondering whether a penis extender sleeve is right for you? Want to know more? Read on as we take you on a tour of penis extensions!

What is a penis extender sleeve and what does it do?

So what is a penis extender sleeve and how does it work? In a nutshell, it’s a guaranteed and measurable way to increase the length and girth of your phallus. No magic potions or pills, no creams, no surgery, just some good (not-so-)old-fashioned hardware. Pun intended. Penis extender sleeves are most often made from a soft material like silicone or rubber. They are intended to slip over the penis. With this in mind, if you’re liking the sound of these and considering purchasing one for yourself, it makes sense to note the dimensions so that you ensure the product you’re purchasing gives you room to be comfortable, so it won’t interfere with your sexual adventures.

Penis extender sleeves sit over the penis in a similar fashion to a condom. Some types of models also offer a ball ring to hold the device in place, and nubs, ridges or other types of stimulating infrastructure on the inside, so the wearer gets the benefit of the pleasurable sensations too.

Will a penis extender sleeve really work?

Ain’t that the burning question: will the penis extender sleeve really work? That very much depends on what type of results you’re expecting to see or feel, and what type of experience you and your partner are wanting to have. It is a personal thing that comes down to the individual, or individuals in question. In terms of length and girth, a penis extender sleeve will instantly add size to your schlong.  And if that’s what you’re after, then the penis extender is just what you need! The Fat Boy Extender Clear is a great option for anyone who wants to bang the night away with a huge cock.

If you or your partner like the idea of new sensations and some extra bumps and tickles during sex, you should look into a penis extender sleeve that offers some extra stimulation. The Extreme Sleeve range offers just this: a selection of tantalizing extenders dotted with pleasure prickles and love lumps.

Some people may consider the use of a penis extender sleeve as a temporary solution to their issues with erectile dysfunction. It is commonly reported in men with erectile dysfunction that they loose their erection when engaging in intercourse, so using a penis extender sleeve can assist the wearer in maintaining the effects of an erection during sex, even if they lose theirs. No need to shut the party down just because the cops showed up, right?

How to use a penis extender sleeve

It’s your first time? Don’t worry, we’ll talk you through it. So you’ve purchased your new equipment. The moment has come, it’s time to get it on! Firstly, in order to get your penis extender sleeve on, you’ll need to be erect. We’re pretty confident we don’t need to tell you how to arrive at this point. Grab your favourite lubricant (need lube? You can browse our extensive selection here.) Apply a small amount to your penis. Slip the penis extender sleeve over your penis. If your particular extender has a ball strap, pop that on as well. If you have purchased a model that doesn’t have a ball start to secure it, you may need to use scissors to trim it down slightly the first time you use it, just to ensure it fits snuggly. Once you’re done, remember to give your extender a good clean with a toy-safe cleaner and sanitizer.