healthy sexual mindset

Have a Happy Sexual Mindset

Sexuality is a natural part of our bodies and lives, yet being able to experience and share sexual pleasure and intimacy does not come naturally for all of us.

Sexuality is much more than just sexual behaviour, and it’s the complex sexual mindset that often keeps us from fully expressing our sexual selves. Having access to information on sexual wellbeing and care can be the first step in understanding your own sexual expression.

4 Tips to Embracing your Sexual Self

1. Be open to communication with your partner.

Develop an open line of communication with your partner to share your ideas about sexual pleasure. And encourage their communication.

  • What are your fears?
  • What feels great, okay, and not so great?
  • What is something you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t yet?
  • Do you prefer more intimacy, less intimacy, or more variations in our intimacy?

2. Understand your thoughts & experiences are not unique.

Do you ever think that some of your thoughts, desires, or feelings about sexuality, sex, or intimacy are strange or uncommon? You are not alone! Just a few common thoughts include:

  • Feeling guilt or shame about masturbation
  • Worries your partner doesn’t find you attractive
  • Shame or guilt in who you are attracted to
  • Unsure if your sexual appetite is too high or too low
  • Worries your partner will not understand or want to participate in your fantasies or sexual requests

A positive sexual mindset requires respecting your feelings about sexuality and those of others. Having a pleasurable, safe, and consensual sexual experience is part of sexual health. If your desires are pleasurable, safe, and consensual, you should feel positive about these and embrace your sexual experiences.

3. Learn all you can about what you like and be willing to try new things.

Sometimes, a new partner brings out new preferences in our sexual behaviours and creates new opportunities for intimacy. Don’t assume that what you liked with one partner will automatically transfer to a new partner. And if you have a long-time partner, explore some news ways to express your sexuality together.
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4. Forget about labels.

Does this make me seem slutty, inexperienced, perverse, etc.? We worry about what is “normal” and how our partner will perceive us. But as much as we all have similarities in our sexual natures, we have personal preferences too. It’s completely normal to have some unique likes or dislikes in your sexual behaviours. Embrace your sexual preferences and needs.

A partner who cares about your sexual health and is open to communication about sex and intimacy will not judge your preferences—he or she is likely harbouring their own worries, and will appreciate your confidence and unashamed demonstration of knowing what you want and asking for it.