How to use a hands free masturbator

Alright, so you’ve gone ahead and bought a hands free masturbator…

Good for you! Your hands free masturbator is going to open you up to a whole lot of new spine tingling sensations and add a new dimension to your solo play time. Endless orgasms are available to you now, at any time you please, without the need to smooth-talk or charm a partner. Pleasure on demand? Yes to that!

Masturbator Elegance 4Get into the right position with your hands free masturbator.

This is going to depend a bit upon what type of hands free masturbator you’ve purchased. If it’s a toy such as the hips, or one of our dolls, then it’s pretty obvious that you can just lay it on whatever surface suits you.

However, if you’ve chosen to go with a sleeve or egg-type hands free masturbator, you’ll need to be a little bit creative about getting it to stay in a position that allows you to do your thing without having to hold onto it. Think outside the square, working with pillows, belts, rope or anything else you have on hand to secure it into the right position. Now might also be a fun time to experiment with sex in different positions, such as doggy style, or standing up.

A note about using lube with your hands free masturbator.

We think that we can all agree that sex feels better when it’s wetter- the hands free masturbator is no different. Lube will not only make your solo sex feel better, it will prevent you from hurting yourself against the dry silicone or TPRE plastic. Just be mindful of the type of lube that you are choosing to use. Some lubricants are not compatible with particular materials, and can damage your toys over time. Generally, water-based lubes are a safe choice to use with most sex toys, but check with the toy’s manufacturer for their recommendation.

Remember, we are also here to help- if you are unsure what type of lube to get for use with your hands free masturbator, get in contact with us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

The clean up and taking care of your hands free masturbator.

Whether you finish or not, always clean up when you’re done using your hands free masturbator. Have a look at the recommendations for clean up that come with your toy. For most toys, a flush out with warm, soapy water is a good place to start. From there, allow your toy to dry completely before storing it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Some hand free masturbator toys may recommend that you dust them with cornstarch or another provided powder; check their directions and definitely never use talc for this purpose (talc contains an oil which may damage some toys).