Best Sex Toys for Couples – A Sprinkle of Spice for Your Sex Life

Introducing sex toys to your partnered sexual play can be an amazing way to take your sex life to the next level. In today’s blog, we give you our take on the best sex toys for couples.

Heighten your bedroom experience with the best sex toys for couples.

There’s no need to reserve your sex toys for the just times when your living, breathing partner isn’t around; some products that were initially invented as solo sex can double as some of the best sex toys for couples to use. The fact that you’re trying something new and exciting with your partner can be incredibly arousing and can really heathen the intimate mood for many couples. And let’s face it, there’s only so much that fingers, tongues and genitals can do!

Before you load the cart with our best sex toys for couples, have the conversation.

Before you dive right in and start loading your cart with our recommendations for the best sex toys for couples, you probably want to sit down and have an open conversation with your partner. For some people, it can feel a bit intimidating to bring a sex toy into partner play for the first time, especially if you’re unsure how your partner will react. Of course, you don’t want your partner to think that you’re implying that their sex is sub-standard! It’s important to be open about wanting to try something new and different, and gauge their reaction. They may not be open to the idea, and if that’s the case, there are other ways that you can explore and be intimate together.

BUT, if they are in fact into the idea (woohoo!), then read on and let’s get you sorted with some of the best sex toys for couples that we have available!

Best sex toys for couples: The bullet vibrator

Small and affordable, the bullet vibrator deserves the first mention on our list of the best sex toys for couples for it’s ease of use and versatility. Use it during foreplay to stimulate your partners body- particularly over the erogenous zones such as the nipples, insides of the thighs, down the small of their back, and of course over the shaft of the penis and the clitoris. You can also position it between your bodies during penetrative sex for that bit of extra clitoral stimulation.

Best sex toys for couples: The finger vibrator

Take fingering to the next level with a finger vibrator. We’ve listed this as one of our best sex toys for couples because of its simplicity! Add a bit of lube and you’re in business. One of our favourites is the Gring, which is made of premium hypoallergenic silicone and is completely waterproof (hello next level shower sex!).

Best sex toys for couples: The cock ring vibrator

One of the best sex toys for couples, designed specifically for couples. It is effectively a bullet vibrator combined with a cockring, to buzz at the base of the penis, with the addition of the clit-stimulating bunny ears of a rabbit vibrator. Both partners are sure to love the intense sensations provided by this little wonder.

Best sex toys for couples: The wand vibrator

The versatile wand vibrator makes the list of the best sex toys for couples, because it offers the convenience and versatility of being able to use it for masturbation and solo play, and then changing the interchangeable attachments for partnered play. We love the Shibari Mini Halo teamed with the Blush attachment for sex with another.

Best sex toys for couples: The Clone-a-Willy

Love your partner’s penis so much that you can’t get enough? We reckon this is one of the best sex toys for couple who have a sense of humour! The Clone-a-Willy kit allows you to make an exact replica and recreate every beautiful detail of any penis. It’s just a matter of mix, pour, set, play!

You can have confidence in your purchase from Pleasure Me when you’re looking for the best sex toys for couples.

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