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Adult Sex Dolls – A Revolutionary Sex Toy

What are adult sex dolls?

Adults sex dolls are basically masturbation tools that look like real human beings. They are made to provide sexual pleasure with incredible realistic feel.

For many people, adult sex dolls are a great way to experience physical (or emotional) intimacy without the need to go out and meet a real person or establish a relationship with a partner. They’re also a fantastic option for people who might like to play out a particular fantasy which might not be possible for whatever reason with a real person.

Are adult dolls realistic?

Adult dolls are undeniably one of the most developed sex toys that are available on the market today. Manufacturers are able to create very much lifelike adult sex dolls that are realistic in feel and touch. Many dolls are either made of either silicone or realistic TPE/TPR. This gives the dolls a beautiful, realistic softness.

What types of adult sex dolls does Pleasure Me stock?

The adult sex dolls we stock at Pleasure Me are available in various positions. They offer gorgeous realism with lifelike orifices for your every pleasure. You will be amazed and impressed at just how realistic the details of the dolls’ openings are; the mouth, vagina and anus all offer different textures inside, to provide different types of stimulation for your satisfaction. If double g-spots, strong tightening zones and multi-dimensional curves sound exciting, you need to check out our range of adult sex dolls. Their realism will blow your mind and thrill your body. The adult dolls are available in various positions, so you can choose what does it for you. All of the adult sex dolls that we stock contain a sperm outlet, so that you can have the pleasure of finishing inside her and have the convenience of easy cleaning when you’re done.

Things you need to know about using your adult sex doll…

There’s not much, really! With your adult sex doll, you can do anything that you would normally do with a real human partner, plus more. Let your imagination run wild and explore your sexuality without judgement, with the incredible realism that the adult dolls offer.

The ‘need to know’ stuff about using your adult sex dolls is more just housekeeping:

  • If you sit your adult doll under a warmed blanket for 15-20 minutes before you use it, you’ll get the most realistic feeling with a warm body
  • Make sure you lube yourself up (but not too much!); use a water-based lubricant, as oil-based lubes can damage silicone and TPE
  • When you’re done having fun, thoroughly flush out all your doll’s openings with water and a mild soap or an approved and safe sex toy cleaner
  • Make sure that you allow time for your adult dolls to dry thoroughly before storing in a cool place, out of direct light.

Our promise to you, when buying adult sex dolls from Pleasure Me:

Our customers’ privacy is of very important to us. When you choose to purchase adult sex toys from Pleasure Me, rest assured that your order will be handled with the utmost discretion. All our orders are packaged and shipped discreetly with no identifying markings, so nobody will know what you’ve ordered. It goes without saying that we also want all of our customers to have an amazing shopping experience. It’s important to us that you find the adult sex dolls and sex products that you’re looking for. Keeping this in mind, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to answer all of your queries and questions, and provide you with personalized, discreet advice when you need it.

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