XTRM SNFFR Double Small Leakproof


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With the double “two-noses” the circulation is fantastic and ingenious.

The new double SNFFR with push button kick channel function. The new hold down click button prevents vapour and liquid leakage.

As always, the SNFFR 2.1 is screwed onto the bottle. Our new click function opens the 3 kick channel and the aroma flows through it. If you let go of the button, the aroma stops running out.
Vapor proof and leak proof!

Benefits of the SNIFFER:

  • no skin contact with the contents
  • no skin irritation or redness on the nose or skin
  • 3 phase system the term “sniffing” gets a whole new dimension!

Care Instructions:

  • The SNIFFER doesn’t like sun, heat, cold, detergents. 
  • The SNFFR does not need to be washed or exposed to excessive heat.


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