XTRM Powder Lube 225 gm


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XTRM LUBE powder lubricant to mix yourself.

Lubricant for all gaits, from soft to hard, suitable for everyone.

Dissolved in water you get a natural, crystal clear, tasteless and odorless lubricant for your needs.

You decide for yourself whether you want more or less powder or liquid for an ultra-creamy consistency. 


Add 5 grams (a little more than a screw cap) of powder to 750 ml (lukewarm) water. (Please do not mix the other way around, so add the powder to the water).

Shake for 20 seconds , let it rest for 5-10 minutes, place the bottle horizontally, then shake it again a little, the gel is ready for use after 5-20 minutes.

You will get the best result after approx. 1-2 hours then it is fully developed.

Please do not use an electronic mixer for mixing as this high-performance device will turn the valuable powder elements into small pieces and destroy them.

Suitable for anal intercourse, masturbation, sexual intercourse, dildo insertion play, toys of all kinds, depending on how you have mixed the XTRM Lube lubricant, it is also suitable for fisting. With the XTRM Lube you decide for yourself how you like it best. You get approx. 25 liters of lubricant from our XTRM Lube bottle . Great gliding properties, mix as you like.


Put towels or sheets in the washing machine. No stains or residue.

Note: Before you use the lubricant, please test your reaction to the gel.

Ingredients – Sodium Polyacrylate, no sugar.


  • Very economical 225 grams make up a whopping 25 liters of water-based lubricant 
  • Pure – quickly dissolving XTRM white lube powder to mix yourself 
  • Neutral in taste – quickly mixed – odorless 
  • Easy to clean – neutral – certified 
  • Concentrated powder – 5g makes 750 ml of lubricant 



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