Wrist Wallet Pair with Hidden Zipper


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Men’s Wetlook Wrist Wallet, the quintessential accessory for the discerning man on the move.
Discover the epitome of functional fashion in our Men’s Wetlook Wrist Wallet, designed for universal fit and versatility. Crafted with a luxurious, elastic wetlook material, this wrist wallet combines the allure of a sophisticated accessory with the practicality of personal storage.
Drenched in a deep, matte black, this wrist wallet transcends mere fashion to become a statement of intent. The piece is characterized by its ingenious hidden zipper, a covert compartment ready to safeguard your essentials—be it the key to your sanctuary, a few notes of currency for a discreet transaction, or that little something extra for an unexpected moment.
The secure button closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit around your wrist, allowing for ease of access while maintaining an unbreakable sense of style. Delicately sewn onto the sleek fabric, our logo signifies your taste for exclusive design and your affinity for the finer things in life.
  • Elastic wetlook
  • Zipper


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