Wet Stuff Pleasure Anal Silicone Lubricant Pump Top 110g


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Slip and slide with Velvet Pleasure, a long lasting silicone lubricant with Phenyl Trimethicone which functions as a hydrating seal and conditioning agent, giving this product a soft sleek velour texture and feel on your skin, with a fine dry finish. 

This odour free and shiny little number is a super concentrated and long lasting formula, meaning fewer applications are required, giving maximum pleasure. 

Uniquely designed with the male body in mind, this superior product transfers sensation while reducing friction. Single hand use a measured pump for the perfect amount every time, even in the dark.

Compatible with leather, plastic, metal and glass toys, so you can enjoy solo or with your partner, in the bedroom, spa or beach as its slippery under water. Avoid use with silicone toys. Your perfect masturbation assistance, formulated to satisfy your solo desires long into the night. 

Accessorise solo or intimate play with a partner or non-silicone toys, with just a little squeeze for velvet soft sensations. Once it warms up with body temperature be sure to experiment. 

If you hate having to stop to apply more lube mid-session Velvet Pleasure is for you.

Wet stuff PLEASURE is 100% vegan friendly, Long time lasting silicone formula that is the perfect product for full body massages and anal penetration.

Colourless, odourless, tasteless, preservative – free. If irritation occurs, discontinue use; if it persists, consult a doctor. Absorb spills immediately with a paper towel. Wash from fabric or surfaces with hot, soapy water. Remove stains with methylated spirits or dry cleaning fluid. 

  • Uniquely designed with the male body in mind
  • An extremely long lasting super concentrated silicone lube for maximum pleasure
  • Suitable for the use with condoms and non-silicone sex toys
  • Exciting NEW massage lubricant is a “use once, then it’s gone” pleasure product that delivers that great silicone-rich texture for massages that stray to penetration, or can be used for full body massages
  • Handy pump-top bottle for easy and convenient application
  • Increases sensitivity for you and your partner
  • Percepts into skin to avoid stickiness or mess
  • CE Certified 
  • Waterproof – great for sexy-time in spa’s, baths, showers or even swimming pools
  • Compatible with condoms and latex safe, ideal for non-silicone toys
  • Natural, non-toxic, odourless and flavourless, vegan friendly 
  • Highly rated for the use of anal action
  • Made in Australia 
  • Pump tube
  • 110g




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