TPE Solvent Glue for TPE Doll Repairs


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This Solvent is used to repair injuries on your TPE sex doll.

If you get a tear on your TPE Doll’s skin you will need to repair it immediately. If you don’t repair the wounded area then the tear will spread and become bigger over time.

Swab the wounded area with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove dirt and excess oil (do NOT use 100% Alcohol). Then spread open the wound and apply a thin layer of the solvent inside the wound with the thin brush or if the wounded area is thinner than the brush. Once applied, close the wound by brining both sides together carefully by aligning and hold for a few minutes.

The solvent will weld the TPE together and the wound will be healed, if you aligned it correctly you won’t be able to see any marks on it or tell that the area was torn.

If you didn’t align it correctly then take a normal household teaspoon and heat it with a lighter for around 10 seconds and use the outer rounded part of the teaspoon and run it across the area that you welded together to smooth it out.

Do NOT overheat the spoon. NEVER use superglue or any other glue on TPE skin as it will burn the TPE. This is a special solvent for use ONLY on TPE.

Contents – 1x Bottle TPE Solvent



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