Stiffy 2 Pc Bulge Cockrings by HunkyJunk Teal Ice


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STIFFY 2 pack cockrings 2 non roll grippy rings designed to be the right size c ring for hunky big play.

STIFFYS are shaped to grip you soft or hard, 2 firm grip cockrings that will not roll they flatten out as you stretch, so they stay where you put them. No rolling and no pinch. STIFFY’S grip tighter for maximum HUNKYNESS..

Made of our softest, rubbery, incredibly stretchy silicone that gives a velvety feel and the TPR is stretch and strength.

Hünkyjunk designs gear that fits your sex, cool styles and amazing rich colours.


  • Right size for a more grip where you want, wont roll
  • 2 rings peferct as a c ring, shaft ring or ball ring
  • Velvet finish PLUS silicone material is strong and feels smooth
  • All original design copyright HUJ Industries hünkyjunk toys
  • Phthalate free and no scent.
  • Lube safe: Water based lube, hybrid or silicone lube recommended. Oil base lubes not recommended.


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