Sex Chair Adjustable Height Black


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With the perfect Sex Chair you will no longer need to support the weight of each other and you will feel more relaxed.

The height can be adjusted 6cm, both of you can try the sex position that you ever dreamed of to reach orgasm. Freely enjoy sex without the effort of needing to push up or support your/their body.  You can effortlessly nibble, stroke and caress your partner’s sensitive regions for hours without feeling exhausted.

  • Rated to 135kg
  • Material: steel tubing, TPU belt, nylon plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Certification:CE ROHS
  • Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
  • Size: 590mm x 450mm x 290mm

How to install:

After unpacking, you will see five accessories as shown in the figure. Insert the exposed end of the steel tube of module 1 into Module 2A. The outwardly sloping surface of Module 1 faces outwards.

Stretch the two elastic belts across the Module 1 (handrail) and place them on both ends of the handrail as shown in the figure.

Place the other end of the elastic belts through Module 3. Both sides of module 3 insert into 2A and 2B. Since the product adopts screw-free technology, when the process is finished, push hard on four angles and balance them.

If it leans, please adjust diagonally as shown by the arrow in the figure until it is shown in the figure. When adjusting the height, simply pull the sleeve up to the appropriate height. When the satisfactory height is reached, the rotary nut can be fixed under the casing.


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