Dreamgirl Seamless Asymmetrical Chemise with Lace Pattern and Knitted Crisscross Details Lavender


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  • Seamless Asymmetrical Chemise: Explore the allure of an asymmetrical chemise boasting a captivating lace pattern and knitted crisscross details, presenting an ensemble crafted to captivate attention effortlessly.
  • Unique Design Elements: The one-shoulder, strappy neckline adorned with gold triangle hardware not only exudes sophistication but also adds a touch of unique elegance to the piece, drawing attention to its distinctive style.
  • Intricate Sleeve Details: Embrace the attached long sleeve with intricate crisscross details, enhancing the overall charm of this mesmerizing chemise, offering a blend of allure and sophistication.
  • Captivating Ensemble: Indulge in the seamless and alluring combination of lace, knitted details, and the sophisticated neckline, creating an ensemble that effortlessly captivates while exuding an air of elegance and uniqueness.


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