Dreamgirl LT Ivana Misbehave Costume


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  • Sultry Law Enforcer: Embody the allure of Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave in a captivating navy jumpsuit. This ensemble includes a hat, badge, and a utility belt brimming with essential accessories for an authentic law enforcement look.

  • Empowering Authority: Radiate confidence and assertiveness as Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave. This costume not only grants you the power to remind others of their rights but does so with undeniable style and charisma.

  • Unforgettable Impact: Those pulled over by Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave will remember the encounter. Make an indelible mark at any event or party, leaving a lasting impression with your commanding presence.

  • Confidence and Allure: This standout costume allows you to take charge with a blend of confidence and allure. Assert your authority in style, ensuring all eyes are on you as Lieutenant Ivana Misbehave.


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