Buckd 4mm Adjustable Bead Leash


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The Buck’d 4mm Leash has an adjustable push button bead that allows you to adjust the leash to multiple sizes.

This is perfect for Trans FTM people who have not had bottom surgery and have a smaller penis size making this the perfect design for Trans FTM people or anyone for that matter. The leash also fits men of all shapes and sizes, so it’s not a product that is only targeting Trans FTM men, this leash can be worn by one and all.

The leash is 100 percent medical grade silicone. The push button ABS bead allows for endless adjustment possibilities. The bead lets you loosen or tighten the leash for
easy removal after use. ​

  • Fully Adjustable Leash​
  • ​Press Button Latch​
  • ​100 percent Soft Touch Silicone​
  • ​Incredible Durability​


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